We, Japan Plastics Technologies (JPTech) strive to provide best quality plastic products in the way that we design, manufacture and sell our products. We develop technology and conduct business activities to encourage environmental conservation and to contribute to the sustainable future.

●Have a strong sense of responsibility that we are part of the society and engage with preserving environment.
●Understand and comply with environmental laws and regulations.
●Promote efficient energy use in order to contribute to resource conservation.
●Recycle and reuse materials proactively, reduce waste, and seek to build a recycling-based society.
●Set environmental goals, continuously revise and improve the environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution.
●Disclose environmental policy to all employees and to the public.

1 April, 2018
Michikazu Shima
Japan Plastics Technologies Co., Ltd

ISO14001 is acquired at all sites; headquarter, Nagoya plant, Kanagawa plant and Kyushu plant.


IATF16949 is also acquired at all sites: Nagoya plant, Kanagawa plant and Kyushu plant.


Company Events
Seasonal events with our employees and their family members

Company Events
Seasonal events with our employees and their family members

We value our employees as our most important asset. End of year party, BBQ, cherry blossom viewing party and other events are hosted at every plant and office. Employees' family also join our events and enjoy drinking, eating and playing games (bingo with prizes) together.


Internal Activities and Social Contributions

5S Activities

5S stands for five Japanese words that start with the letter "S": Sorting (Seiri)・Setting-in-order (Seiton)・Shining (Seisou)・Standardizing (Seiketsu) ・Sustaining the Discipline (Shitsuke). By conducting 5S, we eliminate unnecessary work and improve productivity. We also take part in outside activities to make social contribution.